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East Golbahar Geotextile Company

Manufacturer of geotextile layers for use in agriculture, road construction and construction, dam construction and...

East Golbahar Geotextile Company

Top producer of geotextile and polyester in Iran

East Golbahar Geotextile Company, with its great efforts in the field of geotextile production, is today known as one of the main suppliers of urban train projects in the country and has also managed to gain a good share in the export market to neighboring countries, especially Turkmenistan. achieved One of the reasons for the company's success is the use of first-class white and aluminum fibers in its products, which has attracted the trust of respected buyers. The managers of the company hope to attract more market share by maintaining and improving the quality of the produced product.

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Why East Golbahar Geotextile

First class white fibers

The use of first-class white and Alvan fibers in geotextile production

Modern production line

Using the latest technology in the world in the production of geotextile

Export to neighboring countries

Exporting geotextile to neighboring countries, especially Turkmenistan

Geotextile applications

Road infrastructure

By distributing regional and local pressure, geotextile prevents rock and granular materials from sinking into the soft and moist subgrade.

Railway infrastructure

It helps to preserve the geometry of the railway bed and in the role of separation, between the ballast and sub-ballast materials, as well as the restraint against lateral movements.

Agricultural ponds

Geotextiles effectively protect geomembrane layers as protective cushions against punctures and other damages.

Dam construction and wharf construction

In the field of dam construction, geotextile is used for waterproofing and preventing water from settling in the body of the dam or pier and prevents its gradual destruction.

Insulation of roof garden and artificial grass

The geotextile layer can be used as a reliable and efficient insulation in the underlayment of roof garden and artificial grass.

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